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Mark II Wort Pump

Review by Gary Chumney on 3/13/2017

Installed the Stainless steel head upon receiving. Ran it through the cleaning cycle for 30 minutes Friday and used it Sunday to recirculate a whirlpool and then thru the plate chiller. After the brewing session it was used to back flush the plate chiller and filter system with 160 degree hot water. It works quite and strong. Just be certain to mount it lower than the bottom of you boil kettle.


Review by Hackwoo on 3/12/2017

Ordered with the stainless head and immediately installed it. Secured all fittings and fired it up. Unit ran flawlessly! I'll be brewing another batch in a week or so and expect no issues. VERY STRONG PUMP! :)

Great Pump

Review by Alex on 3/4/2017

Have wanted to get a pump for years and when I saw this pump, I did a little digging. Read some good things and went with it. Haven't used it on a brew day yet but I have tested it several time for transferring cleaner and star-san between kegs for cleaning. Pump is very quick and quiet. Very pleased with the quality considering it almost half the price of a chugger.

Great Pump

Review by Gil on 2/17/2017

When I saw the price I decided to try one out. I own two big name pumps that were noisy, and finicky. These worked so well I now own two of them, I have always bought the stainless head. - very quiet almost silent - sealed, which gives me a piece of mind when they sit in a very wet environment - tend to prime better in my experience - tend to clean easier in my experience, every now and then my old pump heads had to be taken apart, I have not had to do this with these - 30% less cost even with the stainless head


Review by Dave on 2/13/2017

Great pump and price. I think it outperformed the Chugger Pump.