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MK II wort pump

Review by Phil Ruprecht on 4/1/2017

compact, effiecient and at a significantly lower price. how can you go wrong, great product

Wow great price!

Review by Don on 3/30/2017

Great pump! I suggest getting the additional stainless pump head just because it's a good insurance policy. Pump is very quiet and sturdy. No problems on a test run. I also suggest getting tri clamp fittings or something similar. I used hose clamps designed for silicon but a pain unscrewing them to move them around. You won't regret this purchase!

Mark ii Wort pump

Review by Pat on 3/28/2017

I purchased this pump with the stainless head. It works great for moving liquids alone but any back pressure seems to stop it cold. I have a plate chiller I have used many times with other pumps but this one seemed to have real trouble pushing the wort through. It took me over two hours to cool 10 gallons with lots of stops and checking thinking maybe something was clogged. (normally takes me 15 minutes) It would only run at a trickle with my plate chiller. My other pumps have no problem with my plate chiller. This was only my first try with this pump and I plan to try again hoping for better results..

Great Pump

Review by Mike on 3/22/2017

As literally everyone else has said, this is a great pump for a great price. Upgrade to the SS head right away... Things I didn't hear in other reviews were that this pump is much smaller and compact than the Chugger or March pumps; it is also nearly silent when in use as opposed to the loud competitors.

Good pump, works as advertised.

Review by Josh on 3/21/2017

Installed with a ball valve on the output side of the pump head to control flow rates. This works fine and does not damage the pump due to it having a magnetic drive system. I had some issues with preventing leaks on the plastic ports but eventually just applied way more teflon tape than I normally would which seemed to fix the problem. Upgrading to the steel head might be a smart move in the long run. Pump max flow rate is pretty brisk and I would recommend using a ball valve as I stated above to control the rate for most applications. Overall I am pleased with the performance and hope that the reliability is there over the long term. This pump is considerably more affordable than it's competitors and performs better than the solar pump I was using before.