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Great deal on a powerful pump

Review by Jason on 6/30/2017

Don't waste your money on those cheapy little 12v plastic pumps, this one has real power, very high flow rate and is extremely quiet, almost can't hear it running. I haven't brewed with it yet but I've done lots of testing of my automated step mash/boiling setup learning the controller and checking for leaks. I will be fitting a ball valve on the outlet for throttling back the flow for recirc, then open it up fully to circulate PBW when it comes time for cleanup. The polysulphone head is very sturdy and I had no trouble threading on 1/2" NPT camlock fittings; if the threads ever start to wear I'll upgrade to the stainless head, but for right now I'll be spending that $30 on other equipment.

quiet, sufficient, yet slightly lacking

Review by stan macias on 6/1/2017

The pump is nicely constructed. However it claims to out pump my old chugger that recently died. It is a little slower, but much smaller and quieter in comparison. So its a trade off. I like the concealed fan and electrical components, but it does not pump as fast as my old. for example, my old pump could drain a 10 gal kettle being pushed through my 50' CFC in 10min, this pump does the same job in about 15min. not enough to return the product, but it does add a little time to the brewday.

Great pump

Review by Wayne on 5/30/2017

Brewing in my kitchen while in Japan. This pumped worked great at moving the wort from my kettle through my chiller tot the fermentation bucket without issue. I mention brewing in the kitchen because the pump is amazingly quiet. My wife was 15 feet away and could not hear it.

This pump is a good buy

Review by Robert on 5/29/2017

Ordered this pump, and every thing needed to operate it (stnls head, ball valve, tubes) for about $150, all in. I mounted to a 1/2" sheet of plastic (from our local hockey arena). This pump is quiet and moves liquid FAST through 1/2" tubing. I throttle it back with the ball valve. So far, I've only run Starsan but I have high expectations for moving wort. Still trying to figure out best way to prime it. Right now, I use a turkey baster to flood the head and tubes. The tubes are four foot sections and I hope they are long enough in execution. My hope is that this pump will outperform gravity on brew day. If not, then I've wasted $150.

Great little pump

Review by Ed S. on 4/2/2017

Fittings will work fine with standard US pipe thread.(NPT) The trick is to stretch the brass fitting going onto the pump first. Just install your fitting onto a 1/2" NPT nipple a few times and then it goes right on. Use teflon tape. I am using the default plastic head that came with the pump. Great transfer rate for such a small unit. Super quiet. Great Price.