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Solid pump, brittle plastic.

Review by Carl on 12/14/2015

Great little pump overall, small, quiet, good flow rate, primes about as easy as a chugger. However if you purchase this factor in the cost of the stainless steel pump ($30) head and replace it before even using it. I was putting together a half barrel system and without even getting to use one of the pumps I busted the threads off one head by hand tightening a fitting onto it. Totally worth it if you plan to grab the SS head.

So far so good

Review by Jon on 1/6/2016

I have done two five gallon batches with this pump. primes easy with gravity. I pump through the whirlpool for a couple of minutes during the boil to get it all sanitized and then at flame out I run the whirlpool for a few minutes and chill it down to about 175f. add late hops and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then I run the whirlpool and the immersion chiller until it's down to pitching temps. The pump has worked great! Next batch is a lager and I plan to run the wort through my counterflow chiller to get it down below 60f.

A great little pump.

Review by John on 2/1/2016

I've only used it so far for wort recirculation when using my immersion chiller, but it works like a charm. I added the SS head, and have only used it with it. In a test, it emptied half of my 8 gallon kettle is about 35 seconds.

Great pump

Review by Matthew on 2/9/2016

This is a great little pump especially considering the price. It is quiet and powerful. I really like it. I am sure I will buy more. I did add the stainless steel head to the pump. I like it better than my other March pumps Very happy with this purchase and would recommend this to friends.

Great Bargain but get the stainless head

Review by Steve on 2/18/2016

Low cost, quiet, and works well but don't even think of using NPT fittings with Teflon tape on the plastic head. The pressure side port broke off mine on the first turn. Bought the stainless head and all is good. Maybe hand tightened O-ring seal connectors (garden hose style with matching threads) like the Blichmann's would be safe on the plastic head but those are $12 each so just get the stainless head and breath easy.

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