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Good, but probe is too big (for some thermowells)

Review by Aaron on 6/17/2016

Seems to be a solid unit, but the probe is too large to fit into my thermowells. I've had them for years and can't speak to whether or not I got them here at Williams Brewing, but all of my previous temperature controller probes have fit. This one, not so much. Are the Williams Brewing thermowells unusually large? Are mine unusually small? Seems that, with a slightly smaller probe, it wouldn't matter. William's Responds: All the thermowells we sell fit the Keg King Dual Plug Control. We have heard of some undersized thermowells that are made in China used in carboys. These rubber stopper carboy thermowells do not fit the probe of the Keg King Dual Plug Control. Our carboy thermowells are made in the USA, and they do this the Keg King. I hope this helps.

Great Temp controller

Review by Raymond on 1/28/2016

Purchased this temp controller for my fermentation chamber (21cu ft stand up freezer). Prior to this, I was using a Thermostar from NB. Wanted to have the option of dual control vs single (or flipping a switch constantly). The fact that I can set it up and walk away w/o fear of my temps being out of tolerance was all I needed to know to justify the purchase. Understand that it'll be set to Celsius by default. Also, watch the youtube video loosely as they reference the Australian market model and not the American one. There's a few differences between the two. It's not difficult at all to set up. As a plus, it offers temp step/stage benefits too. Lager heads out there will appreciate this for sure. I have it set up with the Williams brew heat pad as well! My only wish, is that they would've kept the wiring configuration as the Australian model, where everything exits out the back of the box. A lot more mounting options that way.

Makes Fermenting a breeze

Review by Matt on 1/27/2016

This controller is easy to program and set up, and for the price why would you build one yourself? I use this temp controller on my fermentation chamber (aka garage fridge) and it works perfectly for my application. I wanted to be able to "set it and forget it" so it's paired with the Brewer's Edge space heater it does exactly that. This controller will turn on your refrigerator or space heater, depending on which is needed to maintain your target temperature. I have not used the automatically adjusting temp schedule yet but I will be trying that with my next brew. That may be handy for a hands off diacetyl rest and cold crashing. If you live in the USA you'll want to download the .pdf instructions from the Williams Brewing site. I almost deducted 1 star for this but the unit works so well, I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Great Addition

Review by Nick on 1/23/2016

This controller has made my fermentation worry free. I was using the Thermostar controller (now controls my serving fridge) and would have to decide between cooling or heating mode. I live in a pretty volatile climate so it's hard to decide which mode to use. So this controller allows for both cooling and heating to maintain temp. It can also be programmed to a temp schedule if you want to get even more involved. Overall, great purchase ... Especially for the price!!