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Great product

Review by Shawn Coffin on 10/24/2016

Great product at a decent price. I'm very impressed with William's Brewing! They always stand by their products and they quickly resolve any issues you may have. It's no wonder why they've been in business so long. Thank you William's Brewing!!!

Connected to Keezer (Fermentation Chamber)

Review by Joe on 10/16/2016

Used with the Brewers Edge Space Heater, I had this hooked up to a 7 c.ft. chest freezer and it worked well to regulate a nice steady fermentation temp. Also used it to crash out post fermentation to clear the beer up. Very easy to use. I did everything manual, but am planning to try setting a profile in the future for some other brews. I also purchased a 16" Stainless Steel Thermowell to put the temp probe right into the middle of the brew..

easy temp control

Review by Ant on 9/29/2016

I was looking at getting a PID and wiring it into the temp control on the Freezer and all that mess, but then I came across this and it’s perfect love it, works great. Cons; it’s all in Celsius but no bother I can do math. Yes I recommend it to everyone.

The brewing Gods have smiled on us!!!

Review by Andy on 8/5/2016

If you want to be able to control fermentation temperature this is what you need. To go from heating to cooling without having to reprogram or open up the unit and change jumpers it great! Good God what took so long! I have my fermentor in an old frig with a heating pad around it. When it gets too cool the pad comes on. When it gets too hot the frig comes one. Neither comes on while the other is on. It really works the way it should. It's easy, you don't have to be a programmer to make it work

Works great

Review by Greg K on 6/22/2016

This unit does exactly what I want it to do and does it well. I also like that I can control heating from the same unit.