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Easy distilling

Review by Jim Marsden on 3/1/2021

I use this with a 35l digiboil and makes my distilling process very easy. Once you know the end temperature of the output all I have to do is change the jars while collecting the product.

Keg Land Dual Plug Control

Review by John on 1/4/2020

My review is mixed. This product worked great for 3 years and then it stopped heating the water. I opened the component to find the wiring to the “heat” plugged fried and melted. I had to order a replacement. My use of the component at the time was normal and nothing out of the ordinary so I was puzzled why it fizzled.

Keg Land Dual Controller

Review by Kelly on 1/21/2019

The controller gets 3.5 stars. It Is a wee bit cumbersome to program and to adjust on the fly. It does hold a decent temp. My issue with it is changing the set time and temperature can be tedious. You will need to keep a flow chart or spreadsheet if you want to do some long term temp changes. Williams Brewing gets 5 stars. My first temp controller did not work out of the box. I sent an email to their customer service department during the Christmas/ New Year holiday season and I received a response back almost immediately. The response was perfect too. “We apologize for that. The replacement is on the way.” Williams has earned my respect and my business.

This is excellent

Review by Del Hollingsworth on 3/29/2017

I bought this to control a fermentation fridge. It is easy to set up and program. Best if all, it holds the fridge temp spot on. Great produce. Excellent service.

Plug N Play

Review by RC/DC on 3/26/2017

Finally a thermostat plug that works as basic as an old school analog dial, or as complex as you could dream up for the price.