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Good Bang for the Buck

Review by Larry on 9/9/2015

I've got through 6 brews with the Grainfather with grain bills from 10 to 18 lb. using pellet hops up to 6 ounces directly in the wort. Brewing indoors, I haven't experienced some of the problems I've seen others post. Every batch as achieved mash and boil times that were better than advertised by Grainfather. I was worried about 120V system boiling 7 gallons of wort, but it does. It's gotten to a boil in roughly 30 after mash out and maintained a steady boil. The boil is not very vigorous so the boil of rate is only about half gallon an hour. I've only experienced one minor hop blockage and by shutting the pump off a few seconds 3 or 4 times that blockage cleared. The wort chiller does a very effective job here in PA where my tab is almost always under 70 degrees. Overall, the Grainfather does what it was designed to do. I would like to see it available in 120 and 240 versions here in the US. Bang for the buck, the Grainfather is hard to beat.

Why didn't I go all-electric, all-in-one earlier?!

Review by Steve on 8/30/2015

I've made 3 videos on my experiences with the Grainfather. They do a better job explaining my experiences than typing words here. Brew Day Tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV8dVWvrpzY DIY ideas & tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-Da6HKW1No Mash & Boil Tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmHHGNkdfmc


Review by Ed on 8/20/2015

I have used once now - 1st batch, a relatively low OG red ale went pretty well, The good: 1. Assembly instructions were excellent and overall was very easy. 2. Start to finish including clean up was at least 1-2 hours less than my previous all grain set up. 3. Adding the countercurrent chiller inline was easy, quick and worked well - chilled 5 gallons in <10 minutes. 4. Efficiency was 70% The not so good but tolerable: During mash, the temp set for 152 F gradually climbed to 161, in spite of turning off the element and finally unplugging the element (pump runs on a separate plug). I see from the manufactuer website this has happended to others. I think this can be overcome by unplugging as mash temp is reached, 2.I used loose pellet hops and they clogged the outlet filter so the pump wouldn't run well to chill and move to fermenter. Will use hop bags in the future. Be aware that if purchased in USA, temp controller will be preset for F, not C as it appears

Great product

Review by Jared on 8/12/2015

First brew went very well. I would recommend the Grainfather to any looking to turn to electric brewing. only issue i have is that i need to adjust water in my recipes because the boil is not as vigorous as with propane. Also the Efficiency is better than my previous methods.