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The Grainfather is AMAZING!

Review by Mike on 4/4/2017

I have been brewing for several years now on a propane system and glad I started there as it helped me to really learn the craft of brewing. However now that I have the Grainfather I am not sure that I would ever go back to a propane system. It is easy to use, gives more control, allows me to brew anytime day or night and is easy clean up. No more taking a giant brew kettle into the shower for me! Everything can be cleaned at my kitchen sink. If you have the money and are on the edge of buying I would say pull the trigger. Especially through Williams Brewing. They are really on top of their game with great prices and AMAZING customer service. I had one little issue with the system when I received it, The wort chiller connector wasn't the right size, and Bill worked with me in a very quick fashion to get me the right part. Again I can't recommend this system or Williams Brewing enough.

great piece of equiptment

Review by mike on 4/10/2017

I decided to go all-grain and did a lot of research. Williams had a good deal on the grainfather package. The only problem I had was the shut off valve was defective. Thomas was wonderful and took care of everything. I've used it 3 times now and could not be happier with my decision.


Review by Travis on 1/16/2018

System works perfect!

My latest brew equipment upgrade

Review by Frederick R Desborough on 12/26/2018

This GrainFather is perfect, well packaged for delivery, arrived safely no damage to package or contents. I have unpacked it all and am getting ready to begin using this magnificent piece of equipment. Have to watch a series of videos to make sure I do everything correct before I start to use it for my brews. Great quality of workmanship and look forward to having some good experiences.

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