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I Love my Grainfather

Review by Bart on 1/24/2016

I purchased mine in December and have brewed three batches in it to date. I've mostly been an extract / partial mash brewer and have been looking a electric systems from brew supply stores. The prices of the systems have been more than I could justify. The GrainFather is well made, within my price range and easy to use. And since there's a temperature control much of the brew time the system can be left alone to do the work. If you're considering purchasing on just do it you won't regret it one bit.

It's Awesome

Review by Josh on 1/7/2017

I love brewing with the Grainfather, it's simple to use and clean. The counterflow chiller works great. I just wish I got one sooner. I don't even use my old set-up anymore. I have not had any issues with boiling, it does just fine. Sure a 2KW heater would be faster, but this does good rolling boils as-is. I love the all-in-one package with the re circulation pump. It's just an awesome piece of brewing equipment that makes home brewing more enjoyable. Plain and simple. Williams Brewing delivered it supper quick too, 2 days to my door. Hard to beat that for $7.99.

Grainfather after 1 year

Review by Tom on 1/24/2017

I started brewing in 1981. I've used buckets, coolers, pots, BIAB on the stove, propane, heat sticks and even an electric turkey fryer. The grainfather is by far the best equipment on which I have brewed. I've been brewing on the grainfather now for a little more than a year. I have found it easy to use and I have more control over the process than any methods previously used to make wort. After a year, the machine is still reliable and going strong. Williams delivered my grainfather quickly and in good condition. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase. I recommend this equipment.

Graet System!

Review by Bob on 2/25/2017

I've been brewing for the last 20 years and all-grain brewing for the last 10 or so. If nothing else, the ability to brew indoors makes the Grainfather a winner in my book. The unit was easy to set up and fairly intuitive to use. I have completed two brews with grain bill up to 16lbs. and hops up to 4 ounces. I put the hops (pellet) directly into the wort and have not experienced any clogging of the pump. Volume control is spot on using the Grainfather online calculator and my efficiency is up from my old 3-tier system. All-in-all, this is a great system and well worth the price!


Review by Shane Murray on 3/30/2017

I've been brewing for over 20 years and I've always used my 3 tier, gravity flow, propane fired all grain system with great results. I bought a Grainfather through Williams Brewing because I wanted an electric system that I could use indoors. I only have two GF brews under my belt, but both have come out fantastic! I love my Grainfather and would buy it again in a heartbeat. Williams Brewing shipped it out the day I ordered it and it arrived just a few days later--now that's service.

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