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Where have you been sweetheart

Review by Charles E on 11/16/2015

Let me start by saying if you are looking for an electric all-in-one system the Grainfather is the way to go. I am disabled and with my old 3V system working in the kitchen was dangerous for me and I had to wait for someone to come over and help with the brew session. With the Grainfather, I am out of the kitchen and in my wine and beer room and able to brew beer by myself when I want to do it. This is a dream come true for me and this system is simply just fantastic. I brewed my first batch with this system on 11-15-15 and everything was just as simple as the instructions and videos state. I do wish it had a shorter drain tube for those of us who make smaller batches, I normally make 2.5 to 3.5 gallon batches, so the false top would sit on the grain bed but other than that this system is hard to beat and worth every penny.

I enjoy Brew Day

Review by Mike on 12/29/2015

I used to brew with all the cooler mash tun gas burner and needed to do it outside. Here in Utah it snows and gets pretty cold in the winter and consequently didn't brew much in the winter. I didn't like all the work setting up all that equipment and cleaning all of it after not to mention the storage issues. Since I got my Grainfather I enjoy brew day more, cleanup and storage are no issue, one brew pot and mash tun all in one and it all nests neatly inside. I passed my other equipment on to a new to beer brewing friend. I have noticed that it doesn't get a real vigorous boil and my boil off isn't as much as I expected but I will just need to adjust my sparge water volume. I couldn't be happier with the Grainfather it is fun to use and looking forward to the next brew. Cheers,

Great job of engineering

Review by Bill the Brewer on 12/31/2015

I have a semi-automated big 15 gal rig, and bought this as an easy-to-use pilot system. It is even easier to use than I anticipated. I can do a 5 gal step-mash 90 min boil pilsner recipe and be done cleaning up in about 5 hours. The Grainfather will do up to 8 gallons, but I have only done 6 gal so far. The only drawback is that the heating element is 110V on the US version (220V elsewhere), and it takes a long time to come up to temperature. I get around that by heating my mash water on the stove. (You have to heat your sparge water on the stove anyway if using the GF). Still, achieving a boil after sparge takes at least 30 min. Despite that, this is a great system. It is not set-and-forget, but it is very simple to use. The built-in recirculation system is very efficient, and the CF wort chiller works well. Speaking of efficient, I get 3-5 points higher yield using this system than my big rig. Best of all, you can use this indoors in cold weather, since it is all electric.

Easiest Brew Day I've Ever Had

Review by Eric on 1/6/2016

I bought this as a pilot system to our 1 BBL Stout direct-fire system. I'll have a much longer review on my blog, but basically it's been a great addition and is very simple to use. I was also looking at the Braumeister and Zymatic systems. I didn't choose the Zymatic because it's too different from our Stout and I wasn't sure about longevity and its inability to do a traditional boil. The Braumeister is more than twice as expensive as the Grainfather, but very similar in design and use so I decided it wasn't worth the premium. I was on the fence because of 110v vs 220v, but I watched a few videos and pulled the trigger. it does achieve enough of a boil that I'm not worried about it. Our other brewer has a beautiful 10 gallon 3 tier propane system that he paid over $1000 for and he's never used. He says he would trade it for a GF in a heartbeat. The ease of use means we'll be brewing 2-3 batches a week while brewing on the Stout. It will be interesting to see how it holds up over time

Love, love, love it!

Review by PoiDog on 1/8/2016

I built a 3 tiered propane fired keggle system 20 years ago when my back was much younger and stronger, and so when I saw this lighter and smarter system, I was sold. We have free solar electricity, so that's an added bonus. It is well designed with quality parts, and the model that is sent out today has been upgraded with improvements that came about by the company listening to customer suggestions. Using the digital temperature controller and pump is such a joy, with not much of a learning curve. The brew day is not that much shorter, but way, way easier. I even set up a chain hoist above it so I can easily lift up the mash basket. And no more scooping out the spent grains scoop by scoop. Flip it over into a garbage bag and bam, it's done! Clean up is a breeze using the recirculated chiller water and pumping the PBW through works so well. Watching all the videos online helped to get the DIY tips and understand the system. Well worth the price - go for it!

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