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Really good Nut Brown Ale

Review by Susan on 10/20/2013

I’ve brewed Nut Brown Ale with this extract many times – one of my favorites. I was a little hesitant about trying it without knowing specifics about the specialty malts in it, but I like the results. I don’t add any other malts to it.

Best Nut Brown Malt

Review by Kimaw on 9/11/2013

This was my first time to brew up a Porter and I did my own estimations of grains and liquid malt for what I am calling a LaBrea Porter. I have people telling me to brew more! The malts that are combined in this recipe give a great kick to the flavor of the Williams extracts. After trying other porters off the shelf and at local brew pubs I will be making my own tasty brew with the help from Williams extracts from now on.


Review by jack t. on 1/22/2012

This makes for a great Porter base. I'll seep 5oz of coffee at end of boil (10 min). Safeale US-05 works well.

Makes a really good NUT BROWN ALE

Review by Theron N. on 5/16/2011

Used this as a base of a Nut Brown Ale I formulated and it made the best Nut Brown Ale I have brewed to date! A great base to build on!

Nut Brown Extract

Review by Rod E. on 5/8/2010

Pros: This was a great extract for making a very fine porter. With this as a base, I added dark dry malt & chocolate malt, Fuggles & Williamette hops, and Ringwood liquid yeast.

Cons: Can't think of any cons. I love using malt extracts as they are so much easier than making your own mash from grain.