Average rating 9.875 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

Summer Sipper

Review by Ted Davis on 7/11/2021

Haven’t brewed a lot of wheat beers, but wanted to knock out a sessionable summer ale and this fit nicely with some hops and yeast I had on hand. Good price and GREAT customer service from Williams Brewing. Cheers!

Great Base Malt

Review by Gary on 10/1/2014

I brewed a Hefe with this malt using Zainasheff's Hefeweizen recipe in Brewing Classic Styles and it turned out great. My fermentation temp was a little high (~67 F), but I'm pleased with the final product. I didn't have any problems hitting my target FG.

Best Hefeweizen Yet

Review by Chris on 1/27/2014

I'm a huge hefeweizen fan and have now tried brewing several different batches using extracts, partial, and all-grain methods. For my most recent batch I went very simple, I used this 8lbs of extract plus 1.75oz of German noble hops and WYEAST 3068 and it was hands down the best hefe I've made to date. So good, my wife and I kept this brew to ourselves! Definitely plan to use this extract again!


Review by Jonathan on 1/27/2014

I ordered the 32lb pack of this stuff and it is just great! I've made 2 awesome batches so far and still have some for 1 more batch.

Spring Time Change Belgian Wheat

Review by Paul Z on 4/16/2013

Brewed a nice, strong Belgian Wheat style: 5.5 gal H20 9.75 lb German Weizen 1 oz. Columbus (60 m) 1 oz. Palisade (15 m) 1 oz. Cluster (10 m) S-23 Lager Yeast (harvested)