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Review by William Becker on 8/4/2018

I can't get the gasket to stay on the strainer disk.

False bottom

Review by Eric B. on 5/10/2019

Excellent! Easy to install. Came with easy instructions. Great product. Not sure if you have it but you may want to do a quick two minute YouTube video on false bottom install to supplement the paper instructions. Just for us “men” who refuse to read directions! :)

Works well but has one annoying issue

Review by Jim on 7/31/2019

Overall the conversion kit works well but the silicon lip that goes around the mesh edge does not stay on. Simply removing the false bottom can knock this off and it is a little difficult to put on. It is already showing signs of a slight tear. If the silicon lip had a larger or deeper design it would probably stay on.

Worked well with one exception

Review by William Basher on 9/29/2019

This cooler conversion kit worked really well. All the pieces were there and the false bottom worked great on my first brew with it. My only complaint, and it's not with the product itself, was that it's very difficult to get a good seal using a Rubbermaid cooler. I ended up getting some more Teflon tape, fender washers, and a gasket. It still leaked a little bit of water but once I started mashing it stopped. After reassembling about 15 times I was frustrated enough that I said I could live with the very small leak. Fortunately it stopped almost immediately with use. My recommendation is to get an igloo cost.

Does What It Does Well

Review by Mark H. on 10/20/2020

This was one of many pieces ordered to turn my wine making gear into whole grain brewing. This fit nicely in my 10 gallon Gatorade cooler (apologies to my Scout Troop). Easy clean up and held my grain bed in place.

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