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#j78 10 gal conversion for mash

Review by Jeff sprecker on 8/31/2016

I agree the silicone seal needs some revision. Hard to keep on until in place.i might suggest a wider silicone band..I would pay for that! I've been using Charlie P.s zap pap since 1993. So I think this is the best priced easiest thing to use ever. Frugal is my middle name. This is the best price out there!! Thank you for carrying such a quality product. Next on my list is a better brew pot.

Stuck Sparge

Review by Eddie on 8/30/2016

Had a stuck sparge. The culprit? The inside silicone hose came loose. The heat softens the hose loosening your tight fit. You must clamp It! Had to transfer everything to another mash tun. What a mess!!

Cooler Conversion Kit

Review by Danny on 5/29/2016

I used this product on my H/D cooler. It was easy to install and does not leak. The silicone lip is somewhat a pain in the hips to put on the false bottom, but, I am sure I will figure out an easier way. This product worked good on my last all grain brew and I did not have any issues with the small hose commit loose. Williams Brewing has become my go to place to shop for brewing equipment. Customer service is great and cheap one day shipping to So Cal is fantastic.

Its Perfect

Review by alex on 4/19/2016

Leak free and easy to install in a home depot 10 gallon cooler. I read some people have trouble with the internal hose getting warm then slipping off, but its such a tight fit I don't see where it could go. I didn't experience any problems and made my first batch of all grain beer! I'd recommend this to anyone

functional yet inelegant

Review by Clay on 4/20/2015

The kit is functional, yet, with the rubbermaid the fit leaves something to be desired. In fact, I had better luck using the silicone washer that came with the cooler instead of the O-ring on the back nut. No leaks after some tinkering and tightening.