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Stuck Sparge

Review by Eddie on 8/30/2016

Had a stuck sparge. The culprit? The inside silicone hose came loose. The heat softens the hose loosening your tight fit. You must clamp It! Had to transfer everything to another mash tun. What a mess!!

#j78 10 gal conversion for mash

Review by Jeff sprecker on 8/31/2016

I agree the silicone seal needs some revision. Hard to keep on until in place.i might suggest a wider silicone band..I would pay for that! I've been using Charlie P.s zap pap since 1993. So I think this is the best priced easiest thing to use ever. Frugal is my middle name. This is the best price out there!! Thank you for carrying such a quality product. Next on my list is a better brew pot.

Good concept, bad product.

Review by Zach on 12/25/2016

The kettle valve does not protrude far enough from the new 10gal igloo sidewalk to fully close the valve. Glad I finally have a false bottom; disappointed I have to get a different bulkhead in order to use the supplied valve. 1 star for usability, otherwise would have rated higher. Shipping was prompt. William's Brewing Responds: This kit has worked with all the Igloo and Rubbermaid 10 gallon round water coolers we have tried. Perhaps your 'igloo sidewalk' is a bit different? Please contact us at 800-759-6025 or service@williamsbrewing.com and we can figure this out.

False Bottom

Review by Ron on 2/6/2017

Great product and great price. I would have given it a five but for two minor issues. First the rubber gasket that fits around the false bottom itself isn't as secure as it could be. No issue when the bottom is in place but a bit of an annoyance when your cleaning it or it's not installed. It comes off easily and takes some getting used to to ire-nstall. Seems like a better design would have been rounding/smoothing the edge of the bottom eliminating the need for the rubber gasket or permanently attaching the gasket (becoming a sanitization concern, I guess). Second minor annoyance was the valve itself. I attached it to my 10gal Lowe's igloo and the valve handle hits the recessed edge of the cooler. Turns out I was able to address the concern by tightening down the valve handle.but I had to figure that on my own. Overall though it was a great conversion kit!


Review by David Williams on 5/8/2018

Does exactly what it says it does. After attempting to make a manifold system on an old cooler, I switched to this. Best decision. The only issue is that the valve drips. I am still VERY happy with this and will probably get another.

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