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William's .5 micron Oxygenation Aeration System

Review by MVasquez on 11/16/2015

Adding oxygen to my cooled wort improved my fermentation greatly. I will also use them for my yeast starters. When yeast is in the respiration phase, they need oxygen to multiply and get you fermentation going and finish completely. This is a great addition to my home brewery and would recommend it to anyone. Well done.

Best way to oxygenate

Review by David on 3/27/2015

Adding oxygen to the wort greatly improved my fermentation and final beer quality. This is by far the best and a very easy way to add oxygen. Shaking the carboy doesn't do any good. I recommend keeping the oxygen flowing so that wort doesn't infiltrate the stone. It is important to keep the stone clean. And do not touch the stone--oils from your fingers can clog the openings.

great thing

Review by Joe on 3/26/2015

this is way better than just a tube with a stone

Tiny Bubbles ... :)

Review by Scott on 9/2/2014

Works as advertised, with readily available oxygen canisters from the hardware stone. No worries about excessive foaming, even with longer bursts (30 seconds). Works great for larger yeast starters (1200 ml and larger), and soooooo much easier and more effective when adding O2 to cooled wort. My BACK says "thank you" for not having to try and swirl 6-gallons of wort in a glass carboy!! Primary fermentation typically starts within 2-6 hours now, instead of 8-24. That's a huge improvement at such a critical stage. Stainless wand is super easy to clean & sanitize, and the plastic tubing never touches your wort. Don't brew another batch without O2 ... stop hesitating and order this, already!!