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Works great!

Review by John P on 7/3/2021

Oxygen aeration really gives your fermentation a kick start! This product works great!

Big Improvement

Review by Mr. T on 7/31/2019

Wow! wish I had bought this sooner biggest improvement in my beer so far.

Very Pleased

Review by DC on 3/30/2018

If you brew high gravity, this is a must. Yeast need oxygen to produce solid skin so high concentrated alcohol doesn't kill them premature.I used it on a 1078 brew with a starter, it has fermented for six days and still bubbling. GREAT PRODUCT just what i needed. Thumbs up! PS: beats trying to shake it to get some oxygen.

Great product!

Review by David on 11/8/2017

Was delivered in perfect shape and works exactly how it is supposed to. After aerating the wort, just run it for 10-15 secs in your container with sanitizer and it should be clean and clear. Be sure to keep the package plastic to store the wand when not in use. Have never had it get clogged following these steps.


Review by Kirk on 2/24/2017

I've always shaken my 6 gallon carboy to add O2 to the wort and the beer fermented well, or so I thought. I used this tool (which is much easier and safer than shaking a carboy) and I had to add a blow off tube due to foam coming out the top, which has never come close before. Very excited to see if it improves the taste of my brews!)