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Awesome Product

Review by BP Diamond Flash on 5/12/2017

I make Soda and had sticky syrup backing up into my lines. It was a total pain having to disconnect everything to clean out the lines. I couldn't wait to see if this would solve my problem. I connected it to the ball lock, tipped my soda bottle upside down shook the heck out of it and... no back up!! What a beautiful thing. I also charge my lines to over 45 psi and this handled it with no problems. Very satisfied and will be buying more. Heaven sent I tell you!! Williams Brewing should send me a discount on future purchases because I will be telling everyone in the business of beer/soda making that this is a must have. #LoveWilliamsBrewing

Works great

Review by Mitch Cumstein on 9/19/2017

Just as advertised. Works great for force carbonating of kegs via the 'out' spigot.

Does the Job

Review by Robert on 2/20/2018

Worked perfectly, no need to worry about any liquid in your hoses. Couldn't ask for a better product at an excellent price.


Review by Twah on 5/7/2018

If you have a keg and co2, get these!!! Have 7 of these for my kegs and my Yeast pitch O2 and packaging CO2. Saves a lot of time and hassle having to change soiled co2 or o2 lines.

Gas check valve

Review by Mark Bancroft on 8/22/2018

Was great alternative to one piece gas ball lock check valve. Did not have enough height in my kegerator for one piece. This and stainless gas ball lock connector fit the bill perfectly.

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