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Absolutely Fantastic

Review by Larry on 4/14/2017

The William's Viognier was the first wine kit I ever made. Before this kit I had never had a Viognier wine. My only regret was I purchased the 3 gallon kit and when the wine reached maturity there were only 2 bottles left. This is another excellent easy to make wine from Williams and one that will always be in my wine stock.

Viognier is the way

Review by Doug French on 10/14/2016

I have made this wine in the past and it has turned out nice. Lately I have been using this wine as base for my fruit wines. Fruit wines on their own can lack some body and depth. I have been mixing one can (2.5 gallons of wine when water is added) of viognier with other fruit based and pureed fruit to make five gallons of fruit wine. The resulting wine has much more character and depth. The viognier helps bring out the fruit flavor and adds additional back end flavors. I can count on williams viognier to have a consistent flavor and quality. My latest is a combination of viognier, 20 pounds of mashed strawberries and some rose petal extract. I can't wait for this one age a tad. Cheers

Happy with this wine kit

Review by Daniel on 8/22/2014

Very good at 1 month after bottling. Quite a nice wine. Can't wait for 6 or so months to pass. I know it will just keep getting better.

Wonderful Viognier!

Review by Chris on 6/18/2014

My wife and I just bottled our first batch of Viognier and of course sampled some in the process. It's a beautiful golden color with a fruity aroma. Still a tad sweet but a month or so in the bottle may lessen that a bit. Put one bottle in the fridge to try chilled this weekend. We'll definitely be making another batch soon.