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What happened to the 5 pack?

Review by David on 11/27/2013

Average price was around $12 for a 5 pack. I brew 10 gallons at a time, averaged $2.25 for each corny keg. Brew 120-150 gallons a year. Now it's increased to $2.90 per and no price break for 5. Why drop the 5 pack option for those who brew more than 5 gallons at a time. Wife has a problem with Gluten and White Labs now sells only singles and jacks the price up? White Labs needs to offer both the single and the 5 pack. Increase the price on a single but give us a break on a 5 pack. William's Brewing Responds: White Labs dropped the five pack in favor of the one pack. Not much we can do on this one!