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UPDATE of my previous review

Review by Max Stout on 5/21/2014

For some reason I was not able to edit my previous post, so I will update it here... After contacting William's by email, they told me they would ship out another regulator, and not to worry about sending the old one back. Two days later I received the new regulator via 2-day priority mail! The new regulator works great, and I am quite impressed with the level of customer focus of William's. They went the extra mile!

Works for a while, then clogs at most flow settings

Review by Jon on 5/12/2014

I have used this regulator about 6 or 7 times. The last time I aerated, it would only pass O2 on the highest settings (3 and 4L/min). At any of the lower settings, no O2 would pass. Just to make sure it wasn't the line or stone causing the blockage, I removed those and attached a clean length of tubing and set the end in a glass of water. I turned on the tank valve and started moving the flow rate dial upward, stopping for several seconds at each stop. There was not a single bubble emerging from the tubing at any of the flow settings until I turned it to 3L/min. There is plenty of O2 in the cylinder--about 1800 PSI. I'll be generous and give this 2 stars, as it is minimally useful for its intended purpose. But it would be nice to have the dial-a-flow feature working. William's Brewing Responds: We need to hear from you. Please email service@williamsbrewing.com or call us at 800-759-6025 and we will take care of this. Thank you!

High Quality

Review by Ethan Fox on 1/26/2014

Extremely high quality - works perfectly. After 2 batches of excellent fermentation, I highly recommend this item - especially when combined with the 22" aeration wand (.5 micron version). ONLY issue I had with this item is that it didn't come with an O2 washer and CO2 washers don't work. Still haven't bothered to drive to the store to buy one, I just wrapped teflon tape around the threads for a QUICK fix which I haven't replaced yet. Just be sure go get a washer with it. Everything else about the item is solid.