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Oxygen Regulator

Review by Todd Rupell on 12/21/2022

I got real tried of replacing those small oxygen tanks from home improvement stores. Quality piece, put on a new 5# bottle of oxygen picked up at my local welding supply. It sealed great, no leaks and adjusted nicely. Hardware addiction- Happy to add this to my brewing hardware.

Only lasted 5 years

Review by Steve on 4/7/2019

This Regulator was awesome...for 5 years...then worthless. It seemed to have an O-Ring issue and replacing the O-Rings did not go well. I eventually threw it out. I really thought this item would of lasted longer...sadly, it did not. If you have one and you hear oxygen escaping as soon as you turn on the bottle....best of luck trying to replace the O-Rings.

O2 regulator - works well

Review by JD on 3/31/2019

Highly cost effective way to use proper industrial O2 bottles. It's great to be able forget about those worthless little box store canisters that barely cover a 10 gallon brew. Cheaper than conventional regulators, and much less expensive than those canisters if you brew more than about 10 times; and you don't always have to wonder if you have enough or have to run out for more. Has performed very well so far. I tried to measure the actual output versus the settings (best I can; I don't have precise calibration tools for this), but my output appears to be a little on the low side, so I just crank it up a little.

Solid Construction

Review by PJ Brewer on 8/30/2018

I got tired of purchasing those tiny oxygen tanks at Home Depot for 12 bucks a shot and you never know when it will run out. A 20cf oxygen tank cost me 12 bucks to fill and will last a long time... This is definitely cheaper in the long run and gives you an infinite amount of control on the release of oxygen in the wort. Much more economical after your initial expense. A solid piece of equipment!

Great product

Review by Greg on 1/23/2018

This is my second time buying this product (it wont stand up to being knocked off a table onto concrete, but who would expect it to?). Coupled with a 5 lb. O2 tank, it has oxygenated hundreds of gallons of wort, and the tank is still only half empty. If you want to cheaply oxygenate your beer, this product and a welding supply O2 tank are the way to go. Waaay cheaper than disposable O2 tanks, in the long run.