Average rating 8.66666666666666 out of 10 ( based on 9 reviews )

It leaked

Review by Jim W on 8/4/2017

I went through several cylinders before I discovered it leaked internally. Next time I'll step up to a better product.

For the price great item

Review by Kevin on 3/28/2020

I really like the fit and finish of this product. It feels very solid and works great. I too wish it had a valve on it, but that is easily fixed if you need it. If you plan to use a manifold, you don't really need a shutoff. But even then it'd be nice to have. You can't beat the price on this unit. This would be my next purchase if I need a regulator for a project. Will recommend to friends.

MK4 regulator

Review by Dave on 5/23/2020

Excellent regulator to replace my 20 year old regulator. This thing will adjust down to 1or 2 psi for my closed transfers! Low profile, well built. It's a winner.

NO Shut off - no big deal!

Review by Captain Martin on 4/9/2021

It is a good regulator but there is not shut off valve. For some this could be a deal breaker however, it is just as easy to modify and adjust the pressure using the big handle pressure knob and you can just shut off the tank. I wrote a very scathing review earlier but I like the regulator and I am glad I purchased this compared to others.

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