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Review by dONKmAN on 2/9/2017

I really appreciate the gas connector on this regulator. Definitely designed for brewers. I recently bought a regulator at Harbor Freight for $36 and I had to take it back as the gas was leaking out of the pressure gauge. If you need a good regulator, I believe the Mark III is a great value and a great product. I only wish I would have purchased it when it was on sale.......LOL Slainte!


Review by Phil Ruprecht on 2/7/2017

good regulator with very good control.

Good gauges but

Review by Norm on 11/30/2016

I ordered this unit knowing, it did not have a shutoff valve with check. I ordered and installed (i91) on this regulator. Well the flair fitting for gas that was installed, was done with loctite! sooooooooo you may have a bit of trouble replacing it with the (i91 or Q87) valve. A second note: the chrome plating process used, pulled some zinc out of the surface of the brass fitting - when abused with the wrench to get the flair fitting off some chrome flaked off, leaving what looked like a copper fitting, but when cut a little deeper revealed the brass. Just a FYI to KegKing. So for the price, this seams to be a pretty good gauge, just know the parts were assembled using loctite which is good, and can be undone if needed, but is a pretty tough job and not much fun. It does look great, and mine had a spare gasket included, which is very nice. I would have given 5 stars but I had to bleed a little when removing the flair fitting (wrench slip you know) so only 4.


Review by Randy on 3/26/2016

Excellent gauges. Can't beat them for the price.