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Needs a lot of work

Review by Tim on 8/4/2019

Good price point but not ready to go out of the box. About a third of the box wasted due to cans crushing and correcting the gaps. Almost seems like they set the gaps backwards during manufacturing. Take the time to check all specs before attempting to can beer. 3 stars only because it appears to be seeming correctly now. William's Brewing Responds: Yes, it is important to adjust the height of the platform (it is threaded and adjusts like a screw) to the can so it is snug but not too tight when the lever is pulled to bring it up to seal. Too tight and cans deform or crush, too loose and cans leak.

Revised: Cannular Canning Machine - simple and sweet

Review by Brian Green on 6/8/2019

I've now did a 3 case can run, so thought I'd update my review. Apparently some of the power supplies were bad. I didn't have this issue, but it's pretty cool that William's reached out to all that purchased this item to get in front of the problem and offer temporary solutions while they wait for good power supplies to come in. I had a few seems fail early, which I think were because I didn't push the can top down enough and foam raised the top before it got a good seal. After having this happen a couple of times in the first 10 cans or so, I made sure to fully press the top down and didn't have any further issues. All together it took me 77 cans to get 72 good cans. Two from bad seals that were my fault, two that leaked from can damage, and one that I tried to fill right from my tap like a crowler and didn't get a full enough can - jury is still out if I can use this to quickly fill from my taps to replace growlers. Looking forward to cracking these open in a few weeks!