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Glad to have it.

Review by Tim on 9/27/2020

Like most of you looking for a can seamer, I did my research and landed on this one. So you dont have a lot to choose from but there are a few. Will this take some set up time? Yes. Get online watch the kegland videos and down load the manual on how to set it up. No instructions were in the box. Is it loud? Yes, but managable. You will need a splash guard, but you might want to modify the one you can buy for this seamer. You could just use a large bar towel maybe. I have used the 500ml cans and they work thats a lot of beer. Now looking into finding a way to use 12oz cans not the 330ml. So this will take a new table (white part) to hold the can. With the money I saved by buying this one I can buy so many more cans.

Not Good had to Return

Review by Joe Stewart on 5/12/2021

So I am an auto mechanic by trade so I understand machinery and setup. This machine required mulitiple hours of setup and still did not seal cans properly. I have had solid luck with all other Kegland products but this one needs some work as another reviewer put it. It was not able to produce a consistent seal afer hours I finally gave up and returned it. Maybe my machine was just a dud but it did not work and I gave it every effort. Thanks to the Williams Brewing Team for a seamless return process. These guys are great!

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