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Easy once adjusted.

Review by Bobby on 8/25/2019

This canner is awesome. It is simple to use and once adjusted it had no leaks.

Works great, but no instructions and you need an apron

Review by Bill T on 9/18/2019

The price is great for a home canner, so I decided to risk it. After receiving it I searched all thru the packing for instructions, but there were none. I contacted Kegland, only to find that it does NOT come with instructions. After an internet search I found some instructions and the David Heath videos, which I recommend. I tried a can of water for my first try, and it worked perfectly. I got a keg of beer and my beer gun and filled several cans. I filled on foam, like recommended in the videos without any problems. However, when you do this the spinning can shoots excess foam/beer in all directions, guaranteeing your chest will get soaked. So I put some acetate shields up on the sides and I wear a plastic apron when canning. I put the whole apparatus in a full-size sheet tray to contain the mess. But the bottom line is that this works great with the cans supplied by Kegland. And with some creativity, I make it work with shorter 16 oz cans which use the same lids.

What I’ve been waiting for

Review by Ryan on 11/24/2019

After watching the set up video and a couple of minor tweaks as instructed..: works amazing! So happy I can, can beer now. Yeah a little beer may spray as expected, I bought a couple of magnets and some clear plastic to counter that. Can’t wait to see what these guys come up with next. Side note the flow control keg posts are great as well.

Update - Power Supply Help

Review by Nathan Chapman on 1/13/2020

So when I received this device, I ultimately couldn't get any cans to work.From the factory it should come correct and working and mine did not. I calibrated it to specs and I finally got it working for a short time. A couple of weeks ago I went back again and sure enough, my canning was not working right, kept playing with it and after about 10 or so cans, got a can or 2 to work. Now my power doesn't even come on at all. Not sure if the power supply went out or what is going on but its frustrating. First I was sent the wrong power supply that doesn't work with the device. Then I get an updated 1 and before even 100 cans go through, it is somehow shot? Confused and irritated. When the machine is working correctly, its great. But so far the hassle is more than what it should be. William's Responds: Sorry to hear of all the trouble. We are shipping out a new power supply tomorrow. Regarding the canning machine, it is very sensitive to how tight the can is against the top die. Use the screw thread on the can base to adjust the height so the can with lid just snugs up to the top of the die, and is not loose at all. Do not raise the base so high that the can dents when the lever pushes it into the die, just so it is firm. Also, be sure to leave 1/4" of air space on top of the can, as if the lid is floating on beer or foam it will not seal correctly.

Game Changer

Review by Erik on 5/17/2020

Simple to set up and operate right out of the box. Would also recommend splash guard depending on your canning location. There is always some minor amount of spray when canning, whether from foam or starsan. Wipes down easy for cleaning. The metal housing appears to block/trap the spray so that it drips on the exterior of the machine versus inside the housing. No adjustment needed for can fresh- knocked out 20 big boys right out the gate. Quality appliance. Game changer.

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