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Works great, but no instructions and you need an apron

Review by Bill T on 9/18/2019

The price is great for a home canner, so I decided to risk it. After receiving it I searched all thru the packing for instructions, but there were none. I contacted Kegland, only to find that it does NOT come with instructions. After an internet search I found some instructions and the David Heath videos, which I recommend. I tried a can of water for my first try, and it worked perfectly. I got a keg of beer and my beer gun and filled several cans. I filled on foam, like recommended in the videos without any problems. However, when you do this the spinning can shoots excess foam/beer in all directions, guaranteeing your chest will get soaked. So I put some acetate shields up on the sides and I wear a plastic apron when canning. I put the whole apparatus in a full-size sheet tray to contain the mess. But the bottom line is that this works great with the cans supplied by Kegland. And with some creativity, I make it work with shorter 16 oz cans which use the same lids.

Easy once adjusted.

Review by Bobby on 8/25/2019

This canner is awesome. It is simple to use and once adjusted it had no leaks.

Worked Perfectly Right Out of the Box

Review by Jon Berntsen on 8/24/2019

My Cannular just arrived along with a case of the 500 ml cans. I had two dented cans in the box which I decided to use as test runs...one with water and one with an IPA out of the keg. Both cans sealed perfectly...no drips out of the water, and no leaks out of the IPA after agitation. I must say I am impressed. The build quality of this product is substantial. This thing should be a part of the home brewery for years to come. It is a bit noisy and it will sling foam, so be ready for some cleanup afterwards. But overall, I am glad I went with this unit vs. others that are more than twice the price.

Works for me

Review by Tony L on 8/10/2019

I canned a few and did the caliper testing as suggested. The overlapping inside seam between the can top and can itself was off. It was 0.96mm, longer than the minimum 0.4 mm but less than the ideal which is greater than 1 mm. The seam thickness was greater than what was suggested but it says that’s okay as long as you have the overlap. My cans seamed, didn’t leak, and appear to hold. My only gripe is I downloaded the operational manual, but nowhere does it say how to assemble the machine. I did know you had to remove the Allen screw to insert the handle for the turntable. I fiddled with that for a little before i realized it needed to come out. Either include paper assembly instructions with the canner or include them online with the manual. Otherwise I’m pleased.

Works but needs setup

Review by Jason on 8/5/2019

My can seamer didn’t come with any instructions or paper that pointed to the calibration instructions. Other users on HomebrewTalk indicated that the Seamer worked out of the box, but that was not true for me. I wasted about twenty cans between trying to figure out technique and calibrating the machine. My feeler gauges were too wide to fit in the y position gaps so I ended up 3D printing custom ones. Once calibrated the machine works great. At a minimum it should come with paperwork pointing to the calibration instructions. William's Brewing Responds: Yes, KegLand has gone paper less with all instructions available on line only. See here for a link to the adjustment instructions: https://www.williamsbrewing.com/pdfs/X46.pdf