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Leaky Fittings

Review by Rob on 1/4/2014

I got these with a new keg tap and tried to use them for a party. The post o-rings leaked immediately on both the gas and beer sides of the tap. Luckily I had a bin of various sized o-rings and was able to get them to work for the party with some minor leakage. Once I found the right slightly larger O.D. o-rings (at the hardware store) and some keg lube they work good with no more leaks. For the price ($30 for both)they should know better then to send them out with whatever o-rings they can find. I've bought all my other ball lock fittings from William's too so they should all work great together. If you are buying these for a party then give yourself some time to sort out any issues you may have with leaks.

These work great

Review by Robert on 6/12/2013

Perfect for making my kegging system more versatile and easy to switch from ball lock to Sanke.