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High Quality Adapter

Review by Brendan on 9/27/2014

This high quality adapter is exactly what you would expect from Williams Brewing. It helped end my dilemma of how to set up my keg fridge after a move. Now I have it set up for ball lock for when I get back into brewing on a regular basis, but I can still have a commercial keg in the interim.

Needs better seals

Review by Tim W. on 9/27/2014

I gave the gas side converter an excellent rating but this one I'm going to knock down a little bit. I had to change the inner seal on this one after only a couple of uses. Maybe a silicon seal would be better? The original seal seemed to get deformed even though I only hand tightened it. Otherwise works fine.

Beer Side Converter

Review by Paul Z on 9/26/2014

Just like Johnie Bench (MLB), NO RUNS, NO ERRORS, NO LEAKS.

Conversion to Pin lock

Review by Jon on 5/16/2014

I know, I know, I'm old fashioned with my pin lock set up but hey that's all I got! Would like to see the sanke to pin lock conversion so I could buy one!

Gas side fitting leaking

Review by dONKmAN on 2/12/2014

I have found that the gas side fitting is leaking quite excessively. Unfortunately, I did not read the previous review, and I will try to find an 'O' ring that will solve the problem. My beer line side works like a charm. Overall, I am pleased with the product in spite of my leaky gas side fitting. Sounds like it will be an easy fix. William's Brewing Responds: Let us know that you need a gasket, and we will send one at no charge. Contact service@williamsbrewing.com or 800-759-6025. Thank you!