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Review by Mike G on 11/3/2016

I Ball Lock Kegs but received a free commercial Sanke 5gal keg and set up my bottle filler and filled (2) 1.5gal Tap a Drafts and (11) 22oz bottles so I could give them away. No leakage what so ever. I did use some Teflon tape because of the previous reviews and followed the instructions and hand tighten but did not go an addtl 1/4 turn with the wrench because of the tape, it was 1/8 of a turn. Thanks for the 2 day delivery

almost 2 years of use

Review by Aram on 12/29/2014

and works really well, it does tend to leak a little from the poppet valve if the keg is under high serving pressure, not a big thing generally. does anyone know the threading and size of the valve? I'd like to mate it to 1/2" npt to build a recirculating CIP line cleaner/tap with a pump and reservoir.


Review by mike m. on 12/10/2014

I really like the concept and once I stopped the leaking from the beer side it worked great. I stopped the leaking with Teflon tape and keg lube. After reading the reviews I realize I may have overnighted it. There was a problem with the o-ring on the post. It was thinner than the #9 o-ring I use on the posts of my other corney kegs. Once I replaced it I had no problems.

Use teflon tape to fix leaks

Review by Terry O on 9/29/2014

I purchased both converters but have only used the beverage side so far. It leaked whether it was tightened by hand or lightly with a wrench. Rather than digging for a replacement gasket, I just used standard plumbing Teflon tape and that solved the leak.

A must have for Homebrew Kegerators

Review by Greg on 9/27/2014

If you tighten the adapter too much, it will leak. Hand tight works best for me. Once it is hooked up, it works great and I love being able to put sanke kegs in my kegerator as well as corny ball lock kegs.