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What every kegerator needs!

Review by Rick on 9/26/2014

If you have a kegerator, you NEED this to easily switch from corny to sanke kegs.

Great product!

Review by Steve on 9/26/2014

I've had this since it came out and have run a few commercial keg through my kegerator using it. It works great with no leakage whatsoever! I used to have the adapters where you have to screw the fittings off and then screw the hoses onto the sanke, this is much nicer. I leave the fittings attached to my sanke coupler and use it just like a ball lock keg

Slight Leakage

Review by Richard on 1/24/2014

The O-ring doesn't seem to be quite large enough because if your gas connector isn't in exactly the correct position you can hear the very audible hiss of your precious CO2 leaking into the atmosphere. It isn't difficult to get it not leak, at least not audibly, but I suspect I'll be prematurely refilling my gas cylinder. All in all though, a decent product. I used it at a New Years party with a keg from my local brewery, hauling my tank with me. I got it to quit hissing (at least to me) but my friend's Jack Russell was convinced it was evil (I think because of a residual slight leak). Maybe get a thicker O-ring if you order?

Leaky Fittings

Review by Rob on 1/4/2014

I got these with a new keg tap and tried to use them for a party. The post o-rings leaked immediately on both the gas and beer sides of the tap. Luckily I had a bin of various sized o-rings and was able to get them to work for the party with some minor leakage. Once I found the right slightly larger O.D. o-rings (at the hardware store) and some keg lube they work good with no more leaks. For the price ($30 for both)they should know better then to send them out with whatever o-rings they can find. I've bought all my other ball lock fittings from William's too so they should all work great together. If you are buying these for a party then give yourself some time to sort out any issues you may have with leaks.

Awesome product

Review by Nate on 7/26/2013

Great way to switch between corny kegs and Sanke kegs a must have if you want both commercial and homebrewed beer on tap at home.