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works great

Review by Timothy on 10/3/2014

after building a keezer and being set for 3 ball lock kegs, there was a party coming faster than my beer was going to be ready - way to go williams with the sanke converter to dispense a keg of commercial beer mmmmmm

Seamless way to alternate between Corny and commercial

Review by Brewster on 9/29/2014

I like these way better that the Foxx converters, which had posts that were too tight for my connectors. One star off because like other reviewers, the o-rings leaked badly for me too on both the gas and beer sides. I used my own o-rings off a good Corny keg and they were leak-proof. Make sure you have other o-rings to use just in case, cause these seem to be on the thin side.

High Quality Adapter

Review by Brendan on 9/27/2014

This high quality adapter is exactly what you would expect from Williams Brewing. It helped end my dilemma of how to set up my keg fridge after a move. Now I have it set up for ball lock for when I get back into brewing on a regular basis, but I can still have a commercial keg in the interim.

A simple solution

Review by Tim W. on 9/27/2014

This works exactly as advertised, no problems. Very convenient for a home brewer that has CO2 already hooked up with a ball lock connector. The only word of caution I would offer is that you need to make sure you have the right connector. The only difference between this and the beer side is the very slight line cut in the side. But if I could figure it out...

Sanke Gas Side Converter

Review by Paul Z on 9/26/2014

No problem. The initial gas leak that I had was due to the Sanke relief valve that I had cleaned and reinstalled. O-rings are o-rings. I'm a car guy. No matter what the manufacturer states, there can be variations in ID and thickness.