Average rating 9.2 out of 10 ( based on 15 reviews )


Review by Steel on 4/16/2013

Complex flavors of tobacco, chocolate and nuttiness. Just past medium roast works best. Tried roasting it dark, when the flavors get muted. An excellent bean overall.

Great cup of coffee.

Review by Destry Wilcox on 2/16/2019

Really enjoying roasting my own coffee and this one is a great deal.

coffee drinker

Review by patrick on 2/20/2019

roast it..grind it..brew it..drink it..tastes like coffee eh?

One of my favorites.

Review by Julian on 9/29/2019

I received this with my purchase of a Behmor. I've gotten so caught up in trying different types of coffee from so many different regions and process types, I underestimated this Colombian. I roasted it medium dark. 17% weight loss and 25% development finished right at the start of second crack. Taste some nice caramel tones, very smooth. Taste what most average coffee drinkers expect coffee to taste like. I personally enjoy a bit of a lighter roast at about 15% weight loss, but this I wanted to take a little farther which I'm glad I did. Liked it best as espresso and with my V60 with authentic Hario paper filters (believe it or not I can tell the difference).


Review by Taylor on 9/4/2020

While I can't rate this a 5/5, I've been enjoying this coffee. I get a very strong acetic odor later in the roast, a clear sign of caramelization. Has been easy to roast pretty well for me.

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