Average rating 9.25 out of 10 ( based on 16 reviews )


Review by Steel on 4/16/2013

Complex flavors of tobacco, chocolate and nuttiness. Just past medium roast works best. Tried roasting it dark, when the flavors get muted. An excellent bean overall.

Can't be beat

Review by George on 1/15/2013

Light roast, dark roast, almost burnt roast - the best coffee all around for home roasting. Depending on how you choose to roast these beans you can get many different flavor notes. This coffee bean has been very consistant over the years I have ordered from Williams Brewing.

Good to the last drop!

Review by James M. on 2/13/2010

Pros: A very rich, full-bodied coffee roasted medium to dark brown, but never black. If you can let the roasted beans rest for several days after roasting, more complexities and smoothness develop. The coffee is delightful no matter how it is sipped, plain, or with milk and sugar.

Cons: The beans require a longer, gentler roast than is possible with the Fresh Roast machine. I now use an iRoast green bean roaster which brings out the best qualities of this coffee.

Good Coffee

Review by Adam W. on 2/11/2010

Pros: Good consistent go-to coffee for any new or seasoned roaster. Hard to mess up at any level of roast.

Best all around

Review by John L. on 2/7/2010

Pros: Can be roasted light to show fruityness or go darker and bring out more chocolate notes

Cons: burns fast with lots of smoke, but easy to manage if watched