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pros and cons

Review by Rob on 1/2/2014

PROS: Easy to install, doesn't leak, and pretty accurate once calibrated. CONS: Doesn't indicate up to 212F, so cannot calibrate using boiling water. Must use a reference thermometer. Doesn't have calibration screw on the back of the dial, but rather you move the face relative to a nut at the base of the stem; problem is it's easy to knock out of cal when you install (as I did). You can avoid this by gripping only by the nut at the base of the stem, except you must have a very thin 11mm wrench to access, as there's only 1/8" space between cooler wall and dial; a typical thickness wrench like from Home Depot won't work. Having thin wrench is also critical to calibrating once installed. A suitable wrench should be included, as I'm have to spen $20 more mailordering one now.

internal external gem

Review by David on 1/24/2014

popped this into my cooler mash tun recently. good instructions included. no leaks. so nice to view the internal temperature at an external glance. very satisfied.

coolview themometer

Review by Joshua on 1/29/2014

easy install with no leaks seems very accurate

dont waist your money

Review by matt b on 1/30/2014

does not work as advertised. Constantly out of calibration, by 10+ degrees. Junk. You've been warned. I've calibrated this thing 3 times now with multiple thermometers and still 10 degrees off.

Easy to Install and Accurate

Review by Will on 5/15/2015

Very clear instructions and easy to install. Came correctly calibrated.

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