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Great to keep an eye on the temperature

Review by Rawdul on 2/11/2013

I use one in my mash tun and one in the HLT and love them. The scale is marked every 2 dF and they read accurately out of the box. I installed them right above the valve (not at 7" from the bottom as the instructions suggest) as I frequently do smaller mashes. Installation takes 30 seconds. Price and quality are great!

Cooler Thermometer

Review by Mark on 5/8/2013

Agree with the previous reviewer that the accuracy of these thermometers is a little suspect and that calibration is tricky. However, if you can get it adjusted appropriately, it is pretty slick to not have to open your mash tun to check the temp. And you can use this thermometer to determine if the tun is dropping temp quickly. For the price, it meets my needs.

Love it!

Review by Sal on 8/15/2013

This thing is awesome, I don't like opening my cooler to see what's going on in there. Protip: Took me a couple mashes to figure out, but the thermometer does create a cooler pocket of mash around the temp probe, so it will appear that your temp is dropping. Just shake your cooler around so the mash gets stirred up and it'll be accurate again.

Great little Mashtun Thermom

Review by Scott on 11/4/2013

Ordered this last Friday, 1/11 and got it today, 11/4. While I haven't installed it into my MT yet, I did test it out for its accuracy with my large glass/alcohol test thermometer and I must say I was surprised. I honestly was expecting it to need a little "fine tuning" but this thing was spot on perfect. This is going to be an excellent addition to my MT and I cant wait to put it to use. I'm using a 42 qt pot for my HLT with a Blichmann Brewmometer, but this has me seriously considering getting another 10 gal cooler set-up w/ another one of these thermometers to hold heat in better. Great products and great service @ William's.

Update of Original Post on 11 / 4 / 13

Review by Paul on 11/7/2013

Just got the rest of my gear and was able to finally install this sweet little Thermo and noticed 1 small issue with it. when I initally drilled the 5/16" hole in my 10 gal Rubbermaid, I was apparently a little off and drilled the hole ever so slightly out of square.... mabey only 1 - 2 deg. but it was enough to cause the O-ring not to completely seat aginst the wall of the cooler and cause a leak...not large mind you, only 1.5 oz. an hour. The fix was simple enough though. I just ran the very end of the bit (about only 1/4")into the outside of the hole and slotted it ever so slightly downwards as to bring the outter hole square with the interior hole. Installed the thermo again, filled the cooler back up to 10 gallons, and its been sitting 2 hours now and no leaks. Definately going to get another one when I get my HLY cooler. Just BE SURE that when you drill your hole, it's SQUARE w/ the cooler.... not chanted or at an angled.

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