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Amazing kit

Review by Andrew on 9/15/2014

I've made this one twice now, the second batch is still in primary. I let the first one go for a full year in secondary, and it was perfect. I'm planning on giving this second batch a few months in primary, my reading indicates this will get it a little more sour, as the bucket allows more oxygen in, then aging it for a year in secondary as well. Patience is key, you'll be rewarded.

Third batch!

Review by jeremy on 9/15/2014

I've made this several times now, and it keeps getting better with age. Opened a year old bottle about a month ago....and loved it. Nice sour flavor, but not overpowering. It is worth letting it sit in the secondary for the full 6 months.

Great sour red ale

Review by TD on 6/11/2015

Worth the wait if you have an extra secondary to spare for a few months. It's a long wait but turned out great! Be very careful to clean everything perfectly to avoid disappointment.

Waited 11 months

Review by Mike on 8/2/2016

Went abroad and left beer in a tank in the basement for almost a year. I was nervous, I'll admit. Upon return, added the yeast and sugars and bottled. Just had a taste after the first few weeks...it's excellent! Measures up to the stuff I had in Belgium a few months ago. I'll have some over the next few months, store the rest for way down the line. This should age very nicely. Thumbs up, truly.

Must have on tap always

Review by Tom on 5/14/2017

Belgians are my favorite style and this one MUST always be in the keezer and on tap. The best recipe so far. Age it 4-6 months. Even people I know who do not appreciate most home brew styles love this.

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