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Three's a Charm

Review by John D. on 8/9/2006

Pros: This was my 3rd recipe with a Williams Kit. The first 2 turned out great. (See my other reviews) Needless to say, I'm feeling a need to experiment a little, so I brewed this batch as directed and let ferment in the primary for 10 days. Since I like to secondary ferment to mellow the brew, I transfered half into one carboy and the other half in another carboy. I did some reading about fruit beers, since I like Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat, and thought I would try it out on this Wheat brew. I blended and added 3 15oz cans of Del Monte Dark Sweet Cherries(no preservitives; just cherries, sugar, and water) to one of the carboys. This added a beautiful scarlet color to the already golden brew. I allowed this to ferment for 7 days, added half of the bottling sugar to the Cherry Honey Wheat and the other half to the regular Honey Wheat and bottled both bathces at the same time. These sat at room temperature in the basement for 2 weeks to carbonate and 4 weeks in the fridge to "lager" a bit. Both turned out great, but I'm especially happy with the Cherry Honey Ale. The color is terrific and there is just enough cherry taste to balance the honey flavor. I'll make this one again, only the entire 5 gallons will be a "Cherry Honey Wheat"... j.d.

Cons: I had a tough time waiting the 4 weeks to try this out.

Good for converting domestic drinkers

Review by Eric H. on 4/7/2006

Pros: My wife was a *shiver* Bud Light drinker who I am converting to real beer. It is a great beer to begin the conversion and it is easy to brew. The honey flavor is not overpowering at all and adds a nice complexity.

Cons: I brewed this one for me but I don't care for it that much since it is a little yeasty, not hoppy enough and somewhat imbalanced. I like full-bodied beers and this is a light beer.

Very good kit

Review by Michael M. on 3/31/2006

Pros: This kit was my first attempt at home-brewing (many moons ago), and continues to be one of my most complimented. One long-time brewer stated, "this is not your first batch." High praise, indeed.

pretty good

Review by thomas c. on 12/27/2005

Pros: i made this a few weeks before christmas and gave some away as gifts. it had been bottled for 2 weeks and everyone liked it, although it wasn't ready. it's a lite tasting wheat beer with the honey flavor coming through.

Honey Wheat

Review by IAN S. on 11/21/2005

Pros: Nice light wheat taste, combines with sweet honey. Honey taste is not overbearing.

Cons: the malt that comes with most every Williams's kit is a very domineering taste, therefore many of the beers taste the same. I am now trying German Ale, as it says it comes witha German malt (instead of the typical "William's malt"?)