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Very nice wheat beer

Review by Michael on 9/21/2014

My fiancé and I are absolute beer lovers and this Honey Wheat kit I made especially for her. We love it-very nice clear wheat taste, just a touch of sweetness from the honey, and just enough on the light side to make it an easy drinking beer. I've been a brewer for a few years and have stuck mostly to extract brews (due to time and equipment restrictions), but this kit makes a very nice beer. As others have stated in review, a blow-off tube is recommended as this yeast strain produces a very active and robust fermentation. Not that you can't complete it with your standard three piece bubbler, just expect to have to pop it off and clean it once or twice. Happy brewing!

A must have

Review by Christopher on 9/15/2014

As a kit over all I am a great fan of William's and their selection. This one is a must have. Excellent body and finish. Good head retention. A nice smooth slightly fruity beer, with a dry finish to it. I couldn't keep this one around. Make a double batch if you have the room. You won't be disappointed. Try to control the temp in the room and you won't need a blow-off tube. The cooler side of the ferment 66-67 degrees worked fine for me. I try to do this for all of your honey/fruit style beers. Haven't had a problem yet.

Simply delicious

Review by Alex on 7/7/2014

ABSOLUTELY use a blowoff tube with this or you may be scraping it off the ceiling. Crazy violent fermentation ! Three weeks in primary, kegged and let it sit for two more. It's fully carbed now and is absolutely delicious. Ordering another VERY soon. Delicious. Wow. And I am not a huge fan of wheat beers or fruit-tasting beers.

Easy First Time

Review by Landon on 4/4/2014

Directions are great and very easy to follow for a beginner. Beer tastes amazing and had a great time brewing.

Best honey wheat I've ever brewed

Review by Jeffrey on 10/31/2013

I modified this kit by adding F22 Vintner's Cherry Fruit Puree in the fermenter, then adding F61 Natural Cherry extract to the keg, prior to serving and the 5 gallon batch went over really well at my neighbor's birthday party. Everyone enjoyed it and it was gone in 5 days! Great session beer, especially for those who like Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat beer, which my friends and family do...