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these kegs are excellent quality

Review by jeff on 1/5/2016

I received my 2.5 gal mini keg today. Very impressed with the quality, inside and out. The keg seals with no issues better than average and held pressure for hours without losing a fraction of a PSI. I brew 18-20 gallon batches and often counter pressure fill small kegs to take out of the brewery for the afternoon or weekend. I have to take back up CO2 along normally because small kegs tend to not hold pressure as well. This one seals so well I should be able to dispense up to a gallon or so without backup CO2. Very pleased.

Solid kegs

Review by Rob on 12/31/2013

These are very well made and will last a long time. They are the perfect size for kegging smaller batches or half of a 5 gallon batch. I will be buying another one of these soon!

short corny kegs rule

Review by eric on 6/21/2012

I have three of these kegs- they are very high quality and quite handy. I make 5 gal batches and it is very convenient to keg 1/2 of it and bottle 1/2 of it. Its a perfect mix. I like the rubber handles-they are easier to carry and stack.