Average rating 9.25 out of 10 ( based on 44 reviews )

Outstanding taste, easy to make

Review by jcvalenti on 2/25/2006

Pros: I hadn't brewed a batch in over four years, so I was looking for something relatively basic to make. As I'm a big fan of hopped up ales (like Bell's Two Hearted or Dreadnought), this seemed a natural. Just had a tasting with some friends, and all agreed it had phenomenal taste and presentation. I did not even transfer to a secondary fermenter - single fermentation worked just fine for me.

Cons: I had to leave the thermostat up near 72 for a wekk during a cold Michigan winter just to properly bottle. Other than that, it was perfect.

Triple hopped secret

Review by skipat718 on 2/2/2006

Pros: This ale is the best that I have ever brewed. The secret to preventing any off taste is to remove the brew from the troub after one week and put it in a secondary fermenter for the rest of the fermentation period. This will give you a great hopped beer with a terrific smooth finish.

A little tricky, but worth the wait

Review by Wyatt E. on 9/24/2005

Pros: I agree with the first reviewer: this ale gets better with age. At its best, a delightfully pungent and strong brew.

Cons: Can have almost skunky overtones if not conditioned adequately. Seems to need a good week in the fridge after 3 weeks in the basement.

Aggresive Aggresive Aggresive

Review by BRIAN I. on 9/19/2005

Pros: I found this beer is getting better with age (still drinking it). Seems best time to drink is after bottling for 3 weeks followed by 1 week in the fridge. Heavy malt and heavy hop character so I loved it. SG ~1.059; FG ~1.015. After priming it ended up ~5.7-5.8 ABV. I dubbed mine "Wolverine Ale" because its flavor and aroma is just as described, aggresive.

Cons: It is strong flavored so I would not recommend to those looking for a mild ale or lager. I was a little worried about the yeast strain provided at first due to the extremely fast initial ferment (>24hours) but it turned out ok in the end.