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Rich and Malty

Review by Phil on 11/1/2012

I bought this for my boyfriend last Christmas along with the BASIC HOME BREWERY. A very successful present and some delicious beer. We were both pleasantly surprised how easy it was to make such a smooth and tasty beer. Despite the name of this beer, we found it to be very rich and malty. Perfect for a cold, spring evening!

Great Beer for my 2nd HomeBrew.

Review by Mike on 7/16/2012

Used a yeast starter on this one and it was fantastic. Got too bitter as time went on, but was some great tasting beer 1-2 weeks after I had it kegged and force carbonated (so weeks 3-4 of entire process). Best compliment I rec'd from was from my sister-in-law who does not like darker hoppy beers...she said "That's really good for a gross beer!" ( : What she meant was, "It tastes better than a lot of beers one would find at local pub on tap!" I've made 5 kit beers now and this by far has been the best tasting, although I'm hacking it up to using the yeast starter and doubling the amnt of yeast during ferm.

Great Extract Kit

Review by Byron on 6/1/2012

I really like the Williams extract kits -they are simple to use and the beer tastes great. The Triple Hopped Ale kit was straightforward. The first time I made it, I think I pitched the wort before it was quite cool enough, because the yeast from my swollen Wyeast pack did not initiate fermentation. After three days of sitting in the fermenter after pitching I activated an old packet of lager yeast that I had sitting around in the refrigerator and I pitched it again and this time it worked and I ended up with a very tasty batch of "Steam Beer" fermented with the lager yeast at ale temperatures. It was a hit! When I told Williams that I thought the Wyeast pack in the Wyeast pack in the kit didn't work, they sent me a complete new kit without charge and without hesitation. The second kit worked fine with the supplied yeast and is just finishing two weeks of bottle-conditioning today. Watch the labeling of the hop packages as the codes are similar and it is possible to confuse them.

Tasty 3 hop

Review by Jeff on 2/6/2012

I highly recomend this. Nice strong rich flavor. Not too high in alcohol


Review by TD on 1/24/2012

This beer was super easy to make and turned out great. Not much risk involved in this recipe. The taste was your normal home brew pale ale.