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Yeast warranty

Review by Mark Williams on 10/1/2014

Everything arrived cold and healthy. No Bad Yeast!

It worked okay

Review by Anthony Wilson on 9/30/2014

Ice pack had melted but yeast was still cool.

Best way to go when you live in Texas

Review by John Anderson on 9/30/2014

I had made my "End of July" Barleywine ( in preparation for Christmas / New Years) and about 3 weeks in, I noticed that for some reason, this time my RedStar Champagne yeast stuck at 1.021 this time. Needed .005 - .010 I went to my local HBH but they were out of the WLP-099 I wanted to use to kick-start so I decided to get it here. Seeing how it was August in Texas, this little piece of assurance was a "no-brainer". Ordered it on a Sunday, got it that Wednesday. Opened the box and I was a tad bit worried at first.The gel packs felt warm to the touch... not just room temp. The 2 vials of -099 also BUT, I figured what the heck. I didn't even bother with a starter. Just shook the tar out of 1 vial and pitched it. Placed the other in the drawer in my fridge. Within a couple of days, it was obvious this little "mini-ice chest" did its job and my Barleywine is back on its way...ageing in the under-the stairs closet. I would HIGHLY recommend making use of this option. Will use it again.

Summer Must Have

Review by John on 9/30/2014

When it is 110+ in the summer here and over 130 in vehicles, this is a must have item. If you brew year round?

Great option

Review by Nick on 9/30/2014

Ordered 3 smack packs and a couple dry yeast back ups as part of a larger order. All the yeast arrived together in the warranty box nice and cool. There was no swelling of the smack packs which happens sometimes when not shipped in this manner.