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Great option - fantastic to preserve the yeast and warranty.

Review by John Vossler on 10/3/2014

I have ordered many times and on a couple the yeast did not make it. I have ordered yeast using the insulated box and so far no issues. Nice to have everything right when I brew and not have to hold the primary while replacement yeast is shipped.

yeast warentee box

Review by Thomas on 10/5/2014

This has always proven to work even during the hot Summer months and my coast to coast shipment. Never buy without it.

works great

Review by jeff on 1/8/2016

Shipping liquid yeast cross country can be a problem especially in hotter weather as the exposure to heat can kill much of the yeast in transit. This yeast warranty box is a great idea as the Styrofoam lining helps insure your yeast will arrive cool and healthy. Brewing 18-20 gallon batches as I do is too expensive to risk a bad fermentation from a weak culture from yeast kill off during transit. I will never have liquid yeast shipped again without one of these warranty boxes. Thanks Williams for your innovation & great service! Worth every penny.!

Arrived Nice & Cool

Review by Bad Beer Man on 1/16/2016

Well worth it.

Saved my yeast

Review by Steuart on 4/12/2018

This product is well worth the money! My packages was delayed 2 days (weather issues), and if it hadn't been for this box, I don't think my yeast would have been viable when I received it.

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