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yeast warentee box

Review by Thomas on 10/5/2014

This has always proven to work even during the hot Summer months and my coast to coast shipment. Never buy without it.

Great option - fantastic to preserve the yeast and warranty.

Review by John Vossler on 10/3/2014

I have ordered many times and on a couple the yeast did not make it. I have ordered yeast using the insulated box and so far no issues. Nice to have everything right when I brew and not have to hold the primary while replacement yeast is shipped.

cold wyeast

Review by Timothy on 10/3/2014

first time using the yeast box, used to live in california and receive yeast in 1 day, took 2 days to receive the yeast box which was shipped seperately from the rest of my order. yeast was still cool to the touch upon opening

Must have for the summer months

Review by Jeffrey on 10/2/2014

It usually takes about five or six days for my order to reach me all the way out in NC. I have never had a bad yeast packet when I get the warranty box with the ice packets, even when I order in the hot months of June and July. It's definitely worth the $7. You probably won't need it if you're ordering in December or January. But in the warmer months, it's definitely a must buy.

Great packaging

Review by vickie on 10/1/2014

I love this idea. My yeast comes cold and safe. The only thing I can say is....can we recycle is? I hate throwing this away. Could we send it back for a future credit? Maybe half the cost? I think this works perfectly and I hate wasting money. Recyclyling is our future William's Brewing Responds: Glad you like the box. Unfortunately, the cost of sending is back would not make it feasible and we can think of no other way to get liquid yeast to you in the warmer months. It might make a good small cooler for something, though.