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don't ship to AZ in summer

Review by david grubbs on 9/12/2021

I ordered this with the additional ice pack package considering 110+ summer temp. When it arrived, according to my laser thermometer, the ice pack was at 88 degrees. Haven't used yet and bought some expired date sale yeasties for backup. We'll see what happens. I'm certain if not torrid temps, then this would be a good system for the rest of the country, just not 5mo out of the year in AZ. Love William Brewing.

Better safe

Review by Mike on 7/21/2018

I live on the East coast and if buying a couple yeasts, this works great. Better safe than sorry!

Saved my yeast

Review by Steuart on 4/12/2018

This product is well worth the money! My packages was delayed 2 days (weather issues), and if it hadn't been for this box, I don't think my yeast would have been viable when I received it.

Arrived Nice & Cool

Review by Bad Beer Man on 1/16/2016

Well worth it.

works great

Review by jeff on 1/8/2016

Shipping liquid yeast cross country can be a problem especially in hotter weather as the exposure to heat can kill much of the yeast in transit. This yeast warranty box is a great idea as the Styrofoam lining helps insure your yeast will arrive cool and healthy. Brewing 18-20 gallon batches as I do is too expensive to risk a bad fermentation from a weak culture from yeast kill off during transit. I will never have liquid yeast shipped again without one of these warranty boxes. Thanks Williams for your innovation & great service! Worth every penny.!