Average rating 8.78125 out of 10 ( based on 32 reviews )

Easy & Tastes Good

Review by JEFFREY C. on 3/8/2008

Pros: Follow the step by step instructions and you can't go wrong with this brew.

Raspberry Wheat - Suttleness

Review by Ravi T. on 9/20/2007

Pros: This beer was extremely easy to brew. I was expecting the raspberry extract to be overpowering however, it turned out to be rather suttle with a slight hint of raspberry. However, after the beer aged for a while the raspberry flavor mellowed out alot and became less noticeable. Don't get me wrong the flavor is great it just's that the raspberry flavor is getting less pronounced.

Wonderful Beer!!

Review by Sabrah B. on 9/12/2007

Pros: This was a light beer with a wonderful hint of raspberry and it smelled so good during the brewing process. This is not a berry flavored beer like some brewers may think; the hint of raspberry made it a delightful summer, light drinking or sipping beer. I will purchase this kit again for spring 2008. It changes from being light to almost a bit heavier like an ale after being refrigerated for more than a few weeks. However this does not take away from the smooth flavor of this beer; I think it deepens the taste. My husband and I brew beer together as a hobby and I AM NOT a beer drinker but I have begun developing a taste for the beers that we brew with Williams kits. I still do not drink it, but I love a few sips to enjoy the bursting flavors that are definately noticeable within the first few sips.

One of your better kits

Review by Doug S. on 4/25/2007

Pros: For the past 25 years or so, I've been using your kits, primarily porters and stouts. The raspberry wheat was a pleasant surprise with just a hint of raspberry flavor and not an overpowering or sickening sweet taste. My friends, who make beer and wine, and I feel that the first batch compares favorably with commercial raspberry wheats. Kit is a good baseline for experimentation.

Cons: The alcohol content could use a little boost with the addition of some more malt or corn sugar, but without sacrificing beer quality. If I were into a cheap buzz, why not just brew invert sugar? Yuk!


Review by Jason J. on 4/3/2007

Pros: The directions to make this beer were very easy to follow.

Cons: This beer tasted awful! It has a really bad / fake raspberry flavor not to mention the weak alcohol content. Not worth the $33! Out of my 7 batches of beer that I've brewed in the last year this is the only one I'm considering dumping down the drain and I'm not one to waste alcohol!