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3rd Summer Purchase

Review by Sabrah B. on 4/22/2009

Pros: Again, this beer will be brewed and served all summer around the pool at our house and at the yearly holiday bar-b-que. Now the guests ask for it and get disappointed if we run out, so I am buying another kit. Here's to the summer of 2009!

Cons: Absolutely no negatives!

raspberry wheat review

Review by M.K. on 7/14/2008

Pros: beer has good color. is best drank after 7 to 10 days after bottling.

Cons: not enough raspberry flavor

Easy Beer, Great Flavor

Review by Charles H. on 7/13/2008

Pros: I found this beer very easy to brew. It was one of the first beers that I did. Another nice quality is that the raspberry flavor is not overpowering, but very easy to drink.

Cons: I wish their was a "real" fruit addition in place of the extract.

As described

Review by Alan C. on 7/11/2008

Pros: First to be fair, I should reveal that due to a heat wave in my area, my beer fermented and stored at probably 10-15 degrees higher than was is recommended and may have affected the results. That being said, I found the end product to be very consistent with what has already been posted here. The beer is very easy to make with only one application of hops to the boil. There are two options for aging, and due to heat, I chose the shortest (2-weeks)with good results. As has been mentioned, the raspberry is very subtle, providing just a hint in both aroma and taste. At first, I was a bit disapointed with the raspberry, but got over this quickly with the realization that by design this is a good wheat beer with just a touch of something a bit special, as opposed say to a Lambic. It has been very well received by friends and I am enjoying one right now! Nice clear color, lightly carbonated and very refreshing on hot summer days. As this is the first raspberry wheat I have brewed, I can't be certain of whether mine was or was not affected by heat, but again, it is quite enjoyable and I look forward to brewing another batch soon.

Cons: The extract was very easy to use (simply add along with the priming sugar), but a real fruit option would be a nice touch that would enhance the hand-crafted aspect of home brewing.

Raspberry Wheat

Review by Richard R. K. on 3/11/2008

Pros: Easy to make. I have made some of the other flavored lambic type beers from Williams in the past and this is no exception. I liked the Raspberry flavor. It came out to 4.2% alcohol, so it was not too strong.

Cons: I would like it if Williams had a flavored beer kit with real fruit, instead of extract. I think it would lend a complexity that would be appreciated by many.