Average rating 8.78125 out of 10 ( based on 32 reviews )

Rasberry Wheat- Fantastic

Review by timothy on 11/1/2012

I have been brewing Williams products at home for about 5 years now and this was one of my best!It was easy to make although I did have to wait a few extra days for specific gravity to come down. The wait was well worthwhile! The end product was a light & not too fruity late summer/early fall favorite of my family & friends! It had a nice nose on it & went down smooth! Try it..it's an outstanding beer!

Easy to brew, refreshing to drink on a hot summer day

Review by Mike on 7/3/2012

Very easy to brew kit, first time using liquid yeast, real happy with the results, alcohol was right on target. Opened first bottle after 2 weeks and the taste was excellent. Getting great reviews from family and friends. Will definitely brew this again.

Excellent Beer Choice!

Review by Steve on 1/26/2012

This is an excellent beer choice. It is by far my most frequently brewed beer. I always have some in the fridge, and my wife especially enjoys it! Just the right amount raspberry flavor to accent the great wheat taste. I highly recommend it for year round enjoyment, and it is especially good in the summer months!

My Lawnmower beer (or shoveling)

Review by John on 1/20/2012

This has been my favorite kit made to date. Easy to make and very happy with the results. I prefer not to use all the raspberry to tone the flavor down. Even those that don't care for the fruity-flavored beers have given it a thumbs up. This will be a regular once the keg fridge is in operation...

Barrier Breaker

Review by Mark R. on 5/13/2010

Pros: William's Raspberry Wheat is the perfect light and fruity brew which has helped many of my neighbors have their first positive experience with home brew. Once past their hesitance most have been bold to try other of my brews also.

Cons: Some neighbors will begin to invite themselves over every time they see you on your patio.