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Red Ale review

Review by Steve J. on 2/8/2010

Pros: Very easy to produce an excellent beer even for a first time project.

Cons: I did not realize how important sterility was until I started. Plus I am impatient and the month long wait til the end result has been killing me.

It grows on you

Review by Ryan H. on 2/7/2010

Pros: Pretty smooth, certainly improves with age. The first few bottles I drank did not impress me that much, but upon aging, it developed a smoother, creamy texture. Certainly better when lagered a bit in the refrigerator. Very drinkable.

Cons: It did not turn out as red in color as I was expecting, but still within the Irish Red category colorwise.

About as good as it gets!

Review by Tracy P. on 2/6/2010

Pros: This really is about as good as it gets for an EASY to brew, good looking, well balanced red beer. I've brewed this one 3 times already this winter and fall - it just doesn't last. Price isn't to bad either.

Cons: HUH?

Awesome. Everyone Loves/Loved It

Review by Allen T. on 7/8/2009

Pros: Nice balanced red with a smooth taste without any aftertaste. I used filtered water making the right base for this brew and everyone I've offered it to have been ecstatic about it. A true winning brew. I'm about ready to order another kit.

Cons: It goes too fast that I had to ration it. My friends have told me they had to hide it behind their commercial microbrews so they wouldn't find this homebrew.

The first Kit I Brewed

Review by PIERRE N. on 5/5/2009

Pros: I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, since it was my first time. I loved the taste.

Cons: none