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Easy to brew and fun to make

Review by Mark on 1/25/2014

This beer is exactly what it states it is. Just remember to smack the yeast pack early. This was my first time with a smack pack and I started on brew day only to realize I would now have to wait another week cause I didn't activate the yeast. Beer came out really good and my friends took so many growlers I didn't get much for me.

Awesome Red!

Review by Randal C Smith on 1/25/2014

I have brewed this beer three times now and this has been a hit with all my friends. They love it. Great taste and easy to brew. Last time I brewed 10 gallons and added 2.5 ounces of Golding hoops at the last 15 minutes of the boil. Gave beer nice extra notes.

Red Ale

Review by casey on 10/19/2013

This is a very easy kit to brew. The flavors come together much better if you allow at least one month of cold conditioning. This beer has a better flavor profile compared to a Killian's type of beer.

(HONEY) Red Ale

Review by Franky on 10/2/2013

I agree with Anton (review below). After reading the reviews on the red ale I decided to take Anton's advice. I used 2lbs of clover honey and 1oz extra hops last 5min of boil. As with most of the Williams kits I've brewed it seems like this one needed some time to age a bit. It wasn't a bad brew after 2 weeks primary and 3 weeks bottle conditioning. Like some have described it seemed to lack something...However, I just opened one that has been aging for 4 months and it is really coming together. Right up front I get the clover honey, however this drops out really quick. If I were to make this again, and I probably will, I would add another lb of honey and add it at the very end of the boil just before chilling. I'd like to have that honey character linger just a little longer... Bottom line, if you get this kit, I strongly suggest 2-3lbs of your favorite honey, along with 1-3oz extra hops. Let it age for 2-4 months and you won't be disappointed.

Not Bad

Review by Gregling on 4/12/2013

I agree with most of the reviews here. This is a very easy and good Red. It does need a little something more to stand out though. If brewed again I would work some steeping grains in and maybe add a bit of gypsum as well.