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Excellent introduction to making beer

Review by Todd M. on 6/19/2007

Pros: For the first beer I ever brewed, this was a very simple beer to make. I've enjoyed the beer immensely and so has everyone I've given a bottle to.

Cons: Let it age a little longer in the fridge than recommended. This beer tastes better after a month in the fridge. I'd like to throw some more aggressive hops at this kit next time.

Outstanding - You won't buy Killian's any more

Review by Brian E. on 2/14/2007

Pros: All-around great kit. Outstanding taste, scent and feel. Open a bottle of Killian's or other commercial red next to this and compare the two...there is NO comparison; the William's absolutely blows any of the other crap away. You will NOT believe how crappy the other stuff actually is (which, until now, I thought was good). You won't be disappointed. Let it age fully though; the first few (after just a couple weeks) had a bit of an aftertaste, but this went away after aging and cooling in the fridge.

Cons: The only "con" is having to wait for the next batch to ferment and carbonate.

William's Red

Review by tzer23 on 11/28/2006

Pros: This is my 2nd William's batch brewed. Just as easy and as excellent as the first. Unlike the first batch, I moved this one to secondary and used whirlfloc in the boil which both made it super clean. Gorgeous amber color, perfect balance of malty sweet and hoppy bitter but not overbearingly so. My "Bud Light" drinking buddies were surprisingly impressed, they've requested more. Now on to an IPA, that oughtta scare 'em off for sure.

Cons: None whatsoever.

Flavorful RED!

Review by John D. on 7/5/2006

Pros: WOW!!! Beautiful color and great taste! This brew will convience commercial beer drinkers to "stop buying and start making" their own brew. Williams makes it so easy to make an outstanding homebrew. I served this at a friends July 4th celebration and it got the "thumbs up"! Will brew this one again... j.d.

Cons: None at all.

Excellent beer

Review by MurphysIrish on 5/9/2006

Pros: Full-bodied. Almost velvety mouthfeel. Gorgeous color. Malty, but not too sweet. Full head. Nice lacing on the glass. Easy beginner brew.

Cons: Not quite as hoppy as the description would lead you to think. Even though I favor malty beers, I do think that a lot of Williams' kits lack enough hop character.