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Apricot Ale

Review by Kay D. on 8/5/2009

Pros: Easy directions to follow. This is the second kit that I've made and found this one to be superior in quality. The taste is smooth and refreshing on a hot day. Williams brewing kits are the easiest to use and produce a quality product.

Cons: Although the directions are easy to follow, one has to be familiar with the process to be successful.

Apricot Ale

Review by Todd S. on 12/5/2009

Pros: Light crisp taste with a full bodied fruit background. Great carbonation. Easy to make. Lasted approx 4 months after refridgerated and tasted the same as the first bottle.

Cons: If you don't like fruit taste you won't like this. My friends that taste tested liked it or didn't care for it. there was no middle ground.

Apricot Ale

Review by Leonard J. on 2/6/2010

Pros: Excellent tasting beer and easy to make. Would recomend to anyone. It was a hit in our house.

Very Popular

Review by ITSMYKE on 5/15/2011

This is by far the most popular beer we've made. Everyone seems to like it. I think my group of friends has made five batches so far.

Summer Drinking Brew!!!

Review by Mark Stevens on 6/11/2011

This is my wife's favorite homebrew and is popular with everyone. It is very similar to a Pyramid Apricot Ale without the strong Apricot fruit taste. The apricot flavor leaves a clean after taste and is very well balanced. People who say they don't like fruity beers find themselves drinking this one and say they don't consider it a fruity beer. Well done Williams!!! I just wish you sold an All Grain Version!!!

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