Average rating 9.27586206896552 out of 10 ( based on 29 reviews )

Gets better with time

Review by Tim on 7/28/2013

I tried this after 2 weeks of conditioning at room temp and it had some bite. After two more weeks in the fridge it is good and smooth with the apricot flavor tamed down. Good beer

Apricot Ale

Review by Scott on 4/15/2013

Was not crazy about this at first. After about a month it got really nice. Friends come by and first thing they ask is got any Apricot stuff left?

Who needs Mad Hat #9?

Review by lynn on 4/12/2012

If you like Mad Hat #9 and don't like the price you gotta make this beer. Light and definitely apricot. Wonderful aroma, too.

Very simple, great taste -- Not too fruity

Review by Russ on 1/20/2012

This is a very easy beer to make and it tastes great. The fruitiness is very popular with my wife (who likes fruity beers) but isn't overpowering for someone who isn't in to fruity beers.

Summer Drinking Brew!!!

Review by Mark Stevens on 6/11/2011

This is my wife's favorite homebrew and is popular with everyone. It is very similar to a Pyramid Apricot Ale without the strong Apricot fruit taste. The apricot flavor leaves a clean after taste and is very well balanced. People who say they don't like fruity beers find themselves drinking this one and say they don't consider it a fruity beer. Well done Williams!!! I just wish you sold an All Grain Version!!!